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Dharti ka Doctor

Soil Testing Kit (Dharti ka Doctor)

Indian soils suffer from widespread multi-nutrient deficiencies. The soil testing service is not adequate to cater to the needs of large number of farm holdings. Farmers often apply fertilizers without any scientific recommendations. The increase in cost of production lowers farm profits and leads to soil health deterioration. Hence, Patanjali Organic Research Institute (PORI) has developed a rapid, portable and low cost soil testing kit “Dharti ka Doctor” (DKD kit). With this, we take resolution for “Prosperous Farmer Happy Country, Farmers Double Income and Quadruple Country’s Progress”.

Utility of DKD Kit

  • It determines five soil parameters namely pH, Organic carbon (OC), available Nitrogen (N), available phosphorus (P) and available potassium (K).
  • The parameters determine the fertility of the soil and give an instant idea about the nutrient status of the soil.
  • Farmers and common man can get soil results by quick soil testing in the farm.
  • By testing the elements in the farm, the farmer can fearlessly manage the soil of the farm.
  • With the management of proper elements, the outbreak of pests and diseases is comparatively low.
  • This soil testing kit (Dharti ka Doctor) will help the farmer to reduce the cost of production and increase the productivity as the farmer can cultivate the land according to its suitability and can also choose the crop to be sown.
  • The soil testing kit is very easy to use and no extensive training is required for the same.
  • The soil testing kit (Dharti ka Doctor) provides instant results and help to determine recommendation for fertilizers according to season and the crop in question.
  • It is highly useful for the areas where soil testing facility is not available.
  • It can be used by farmer, village panchayat, agri-input dealers, self help groups and other agencies working in villages.
  • It can also be used by educated unemployed youth for taking soil testing as an agri-enterprise.


The kit is available for commercial purpose and can be availed from Patanjali Organic Research Institute both online and offline mode.